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On August 3rd , Jia Baoli, chairman of Shuifa construction (Group) Co., Ltd., visited Bei Fang Investigation,Design & Research Co.,Ltd, two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on strategy and project cooperation.
At the meeting, Jia Baoli introduced the great achievements made by Shuifa group in the past ten years. He pointed out that in a short period of 10 years, Shuifa group has developed into a super large comprehensive water affairs group with assets of over 100 billion RMB, formed three major industries of "water environment, modern agriculture and cultural tourism", created an industrial system of integrated development, and formed an industrial layout with prominent main businesses and a combination of light and heavy industries. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuifa Group, Shuifa construction group is the first square array of water affairs plate of Shuifa group. It has accumulated rich experience in water conservancy engineering construction. Relying on the main business of water affairs, it will build a complete industrial chain of survey and design, consulting service, investment and operation, and engineering construction, so as to realize strategic transformation. The establishment of strategic cooperative relationship between the two sides can realize complementary advantages and resource sharing.
Li Xiaozhen, chairman of the board of Beifang, warmly welcomed the arrival of Shuifa construction group. He said that the two sides have carried out cooperation on the basis of mutual trust and in the principle of "information sharing, joint development, joint platform construction and internal and external linkage". In the construction of smart water conservancy, we should adhere to the principle of "paying equal attention to increasing storage, enabling information, combining investment and compensation, group operation, and making every effort to do its best", so as to quickly start and promote in-depth.
The two sides had in-depth communication and exchange on specific cooperation projects such as EPC projects of reservoirs and hydropower stations in Chongqing and southwest provinces. Shuifa Construction Group has formed a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with North China Water Conservancy Co., Ltd., relying on their respective characteristics, integrating relevant policies, technologies, information, funds and other resources to promote the development of both sides and achieve a good cooperation situation of mutual benefit and win-win situation.


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